What are the barriers to reporting?

Negative comment or action from the employer or PCBU Worry that they will be blamed for the event The paperwork or computer system for reporting is difficult Reporting is time consuming Don’t know how or who to report to. To overcome barriers to reporting, keep the reporting forms and system easy and make sure it [...]

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How should notifiable events be reported to WorkSafe NZ?

A PCBU must, as soon as possible after becoming aware of a notifiable event, notify WorkSafe NZ of that event, using the fastest means available. This includes by phone or email or other electronic means. Once details of the event are communicated to WorkSafe NZ, WorkSafe NZ will tell the PCBU if they require written [...]

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Why do injuries and near-misses need to be reported?

The main purpose of reporting and investigating injuries, illnesses and incidents in the workplace is to put in place preventative actions to make sure the injury or illness does not happen again. By reporting and investigating incidents, the workplace can take to action to prevent devastating, serious injuries occurring. There is also a legal requirement [...]

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