De-escalation Workshop

This half-day workshop comprises of three sessions aimed at gaining a full understanding of the principles of de-escalation and its implementation.

This workshop is targeted at frontline and call centre staff who are dealing with clients who exhibit aggressive and /or violent behaviours verbally. (Note it is not aimed at those dealing with physical aggression)

After working through this workshop, participants will understand the following:

  • Be able to identify unacceptable, aggressive and violent behaviours towards them;
  • Understand de-escalation definitions;
  • Understand the science and research around why people behave in an aggressive or violent way including behaviours such as anger,  frustration and stress;
  • Understand how to review legislation and how it relates to de-escalation;
  • Have a toolbox of strategies to allow them to diffuse a difficult situation and protect themselves (HEAT and AWOCA models of de-escalation);
  • How to handle, take control and de-escalate any aggressive or abusive phone calls or verbal in-person confrontations;
  • Recognise when they or others need further support following an aggressive confrontation or call and know what to do about it.