What does monitoring risks mean?

The effectiveness of hazard and risk management should be checked to make sure controls are in place and working.  For example, check training has been carried out, guards are in place, policies are communicated and followed etc. Monitoring can be carried out through audits, hazard reporting and injury, illness, near-miss injury reporting and investigation.

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How should risks be managed?

Once risk assessment has been completed, risks must be managed. Section 30 of the HSWA says risks to health and safety should be eliminated so far as reasonably practicable and if not reasonably practicable, to minimise them. When minimising risks use the hierarchy of control to choose the most effective control.   1 being the [...]

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How are risks assessed?

Hazards and risks are assessed by considering the likelihood and severity of injury or illness. Involve workers affected by the hazard or risk; their perception is important – they are exposed to the risk. Also consider broader information from across your organisation and industry. The matrix below is one matrix that can be used to [...]

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How can risks be identified?

Hazards should be identified by both management and workers.  It is critical to involve workers in this process.  They are the ones exposed to the hazards and risks and the most likely to be hurt if risk management fails. Hazards can be identified through: Considering hazards from equipment, machinery, vehicles, hand-held tools, the location and [...]

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What’s the difference between hazard and risk?

A hazard is anything that can cause harm.  This includes a person’s behaviour where that behaviour has the potential to cause death, injury, or illness to a person. Risk involves assessing both the likelihood of harm and the severity of harm arising from a hazard. For example, a business identifies that there is a hazard of aggressive [...]

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