Why do injuries and near-misses need to be reported?

The main purpose of reporting and investigating injuries, illnesses and incidents in the workplace is to put in place preventative actions to make sure the injury or illness does not happen again. By reporting and investigating incidents, the workplace can take to action to prevent devastating, serious injuries occurring. There is also a legal requirement [...]

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Who should be on a health and safety committee?

At least half the committee must be workers and represent workers. One member must be appointed by the PCBU and be authorized to make decisions on behalf of the PCBU ( i.e. a manager). Each HSR is eligible to be a member of the health and safety committee.

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What do health and safety committees do?

They assist the PCBU in developing any standards, rules, policies and procedures relating to health and safety. They can also get involved in making health and safety plans and reviewing goals, objectives and the effectiveness of risk management. Health and safety committees should meet at least every three months. Note that health and safety committees [...]

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What is the role of the Health and Safety Representative?

The role of the health and safety representative includes: representing workers in matters relating to health and safety; investigating complaints from workers; inquiring into anything that appears to be a risk to health and safety of workers and making recommendations relating to health and safety (Schedule 2 (1) of the Health and Safety a Work [...]

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What does the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) say about worker engagement, representation and participation?

The PCBU must provide workers with reasonable opportunities to participate effectively in improving health and safety on an ongoing basis. In a small workplace (e.g. 5 workers) this could be having a monthly health and safety meeting with all staff. In larger workplaces, workers can elect health and safety representatives to represent their workgroup. Health [...]

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What is a PCBU?

Person Conducting a Business and Undertaking – this refers to the business or organisation including companies, not-for-profits, partnerships and sole traders. It refers to an entity rather than an individual, natural person.

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What is HSWA?

The Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) which is the legislation that covers workplace safety and health.  It includes regulations that cover worker participation, engagement and representation, risk management, asbestos, hazardous substances, adventure tourism and mines and quarries. It is enforced by WorkSafe New Zealand (for most workplaces),  Maritime New Zealand (for maritime environments) [...]

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