The construction sector is one of the largest employers in New Zealand, but it also has a significant proportion of workplace-related accidents. Health and safety measures are costly and there is considerable pressure on builders to keep costs down and start taking short cuts.

The new Health and Safety at Work Act came into force on 4 April 2016. Whether the workplace is a construction site or an office building, all workers, builders included now have an increased duty to be aware of the health and safety of themselves and others around them.

In a high-hazard industry like construction, safety is an investment that provides tangible benefits. Here are some steps that construction companies can take to help make the job site safer.

Accountability for Safety

Fostering a successful safety culture is a company-wide effort. Safety on the job should be part of the process right from the very beginning and a core value in every level of the organisation.

Reward Safety

Recognition shows workers that the company genuinely values safety and the contribution it makes to the success of a project and the company. 

Plan for Safety

Safety begins with planning. When starting every construction project, the exposures to hazards should be identified so that controls to mitigate the risks can then be incorporated into the safety plan.

Train Workers for Safety

Safety at a building site is about more than just common sense. Workers need to be trained to properly use a variety of safety equipment and they need to know the appropriate regulations. WorksafeReps is a leader in New Zealand workplace health and safety training. We provide a range of recommended healthy and safety courses to help make the construction site safer.