The implementation of health and safety systems is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and adjustment to be most successful. It’s a process that is sometimes referred to as the Health and Safety Improvement Cycle.

By working through the cycle of Review, Plan and Action, you can set up and support effective health and safety systems. The review should lead to a plan that is then translated into actions, and these actions may in turn be reviewed and lead to new plans and actions.

If you are looking to set up practices that will improve workplace health and safety management in your business here are some key steps to getting started on the cycle.

Inspect your Workplace and Make a Plan

A plan doesn’t have to be a complicated manual, it’s whatever is most useful and practical for your business. One approach is to consult with staff to develop a checklist identifying potential hazards in the workplace – then undertake regular checks to ensure everything is well maintained and safe to use.

Encourage Training

Proper health and safety training is necessary for all employees, especially if there is a risk for potential injury in the job. If you need or choose to have a Health and Safety Representative (HSR), they must have training if they are to be able to use particular powers.

Good Communication

Many factors will affect how you engage with your employees but it is important and valuable to do so. Find a way to consult regularly with your staff and encourage them to share their thoughts on how to improve safety in the workplace.

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