Initial HSR Training

The course content covers Unit Standard 29315 “Describe the role and functions of the Health and Safety Representative in a NZ workplace”.

The course also equips the HSR with the skills to promote a safer and healthier place of work.


Stage 2 HSR Managing Risks

The Stage Two course is suitable for representatives and others with health and safety responsibilities who have completed either a Stage I or Team Leaders / Supervisors / Managers’ course. This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the Initial Training around risk management. It explores effective ways for workers, HSR’s and Persons Conducting a Business or undertaking (PCBU) to work together.


Stage 3 Advanced Training

The Stage Three course is suitable for experienced representatives and others with health and safety responsibilities who have completed at least the Stage II or Managers course. In this course you will be deepening and broadening your skills as a trained health and safety person. Key focus points are : Understanding costs and productivity, Analysing injury information to identify risks, Identifying risk controls, Creating and presenting an improvement plan, Exploring your role in rehabilitation.


Team Leaders / Managers / Supervisor H&S Training

The aim of this course is to provide officers (as defined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015), Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers with skills, knowledge and competency that will assist them to : Provide workplace health and safety leadership, Comply with their duties under the HSW Act 2015, Engage with health and safety representatives and workers when making decisions about health and safety, Develop and implement health and safety policies, procedures and systems to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. This is a non-assessed, one day face-to-face course.


Preventing and Managing Fatigue H&S Training

Physical and mental fatigue are hazards that effect a person’s ability to work safely. Fatigue reduces alertness and can lead to errors and an increase in incidents and injuries. This course explores the causes of fatigue and impact on workplace health and safety right through to the tools and templates for introducing or improving a fatigue risk management system.


Creating Positive Workplaces

After working through this course, participants will be able to identify features of proactive, respectful workplace cultures, identify negative features of workplaces, explain bullying and harassment definitions and much more…


NEW – De-escalation Workshop

This half-day workshop comprises of three sessions aimed at gaining a full understanding of the principles of de-escalation and its implementation.