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Almost daily we hear news of workplace bullying, stress and harassment cases in NZ.

Are these behaviours getting worse or are more people now feeling empowered to speak up?

Either way, the cost to businesses who are not working towards positive workplace environments are at risk.

The impact of a negative workplace is far greater than many care to admit or even realise.

Side effects of a negative workplace can include:

⇰ Increase in mental health concerns of staff
⇰ High turnover of staff (usually good staff)
⇰ Loss of productivity
⇰ High retraining and induction costs of new staff
⇰ Poor public perception (Brand Damage)

…and so on.

Employers, managers, supervisors and team leaders all need to take ownership of workplace environments and ensure that everyone at work feels safe physically and mentally.

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Positive workplaces use connecting habits such as…

✔️ Caring
✔️ Supporting
✔️ Trusting
✔️ Encouraging
✔️ Listening

Negative workplaces use disconnecting habits such as

⚠️ Criticising
⚠️ Complaining
⚠️ Blaming
⚠️ Threatening

Register for our new course here:…/creating-positive-workplaces/

Positive workplaces create an overwhelming sense of safety and empowerment for everyone and this leads to happier staff which leads to more productive staff and a better over all operation internally.

Participants of this new course will leave being able to:

 Identify features of proactive, respectful workplace cultures

 Identify negative features of workplaces

 Explain bullying and harassment definitions

 Review legislation and duties in relation to bullying and harassment

 Identify clear roles and responsibilities when workplace bullying or harassment occurs

 Explore the stages of working through a workplace bullying incident as a health and safety representative

 Understand how Health and Safety Reps can support workers when unacceptable behaviour incidents occur

 Use a risk management approach to build a positive workplace

 Plan actions to create proactive, respectful workplace cultures

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